revel mission statement

to "revel" is to celebrate health.

(verb) to take great pleasure or delight; to enjoy oneself in a lively way 

(noun) a boisterous festivity or celebration  

(lifestyle) the real, conscious, sustainable way. we believe what's on the inside matters more than what's on the outside. if you treat your body right, you will shine from within. we don't sell snake oil miracle cures. just sups. monthly, right to your door. develop a custom monthly protocol or try one of our bundled monthly protocols tailored to specific health goals. we use our own products ourself and have experienced the benefits first hand... B12 increasing our energy and magnesium reducing our headaches, naturally. we take regular, smooth dumps thanks to probiotics. it's not rocket science. revel health provides essential building blocks of basic nutrition. we believe in simplicity, minimalism and a healthy dose of irreverence. no single supplement is going to change your life, but a supplement protocol when used in tandem with good nutrition, exercise, spiritual development, healthy relationships and following your inner compass will lead to happier, healthier lives. it has for us and this is our win win conscious hustle to help you. our life mission to bring healthy content and products we truly believe in to the world. 

 our company

revel health LLC is a conscious consumer products company that sells natural supplements and holistic health products.